Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Just Keep Swimming

This is him a flood in his head,
Sometimes defeated, cold, and unfed.
A photo, a book, a lost wedding ring,
Among heaps of rubble and found precious things.
It’s raining it’s pouring, still in his head,
It’s dark, he's alone, and they lost their bed.
That Cajun Man tracks so much pain,
'Just keep swimming' rings in his brain.
This is true for him, her, and you,
Dark waters rose fast, his car’s a canoe.
The night when Louisiana took 22,
They weren’t in the 'zone', they had no clue.
That one fateful day, they lost everything,
It’s a wonder how they rise and sing.
How strange to see that the sun shines again,
A spark of hope for these bayou men.
Days and nights pass, and still deep he sighs,
Time lingers on and the kids wave bye-bye.
People to meet, school buses to catch,
A chill fills the air, time to light that match.
Sorrowful cries echo in his dreams,
Still unreal this story all seems.
Three words, stand strong, like a tree,
‘Just keep swimming’ he said to me.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

No Service Night

Oh God, say it isn't so.
It's a no service night.
Heart pounding.
Missing conversations, missing calls, 
missing texts, missing shared prose, missing you.
It's a no service night. Oh God.
Headache, heartache, no contact, no service, sigh, no you.
Despair? No.
Service lives on within.
Turn back to solace, turn back on this dark filled night.
Look back at the light.
Light echoes through my mind
from one week ago.
Strange green neon halls, 
a pair of dancing queens, 
a diver sings a perfect song, 
a Chinese serenade – what did he say? 
We are actors in a play.
“I love you! I hate you! My baby! I hate you! 
Let's adopt! I love you again! ” So strange.
Did we disturb the singer? I fear, yes.
A magical night, so full of life, 
a scream singing lizard king., 
song dancers, reverent redemption, tequila filled flask, 
first times, and full service.
Heart recharged, spirit renewed, smile returned.
I feel your energy in green, 
if only for a moment, 
during this sweet no service night. 


Funny thing the heart.
I felt it the first time he walked by me.
It felt clear and strong.
A funny strong beat.
Wanting to be near, wanting to be with you.
Today it beats again.
Felt it when you walked by me.
It felt clear and strong.
A scared strong beat.
Wanting you to be far away.
Far away from me.
Funny thing the heart. 

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Concentrated Distraction

Don't go out on that crazy night.
Won't let darkness dimmed your light.
Trust yourself and speak the truth.
Your with me now just let loose.

Times flies fast as words do fly.
Taking off on an endless high.
Notes surround that misty moon.
In my dreams I'll see you soon.

Closer every time we met.
Stakes are high, so place that bet.
Talk to me just one more time.
Inspiration draws the line.
Don't hold back it's getting late.
Time will tell now if it's fate.

This distractions got to end.
Be true and then your heart can mend. 

Riffs in E

Countless takes to get it right, 
she inspired late that night.
She thinks it's beautiful, he says it's rough, 
just like heartaches raw, yet tough.
Resounding riffs not far away, 
talk to me, I'll make it okay.
He drifts away on confident strings, 
gentle heart song; strong young thing. 
Slow and steady, keeping time, 
beyond the thoughts, beyond the lines. 
His beats explored less traveled notes, 
inflicting tempos, truths they spoke. 
Intertwined vibes heard clear and unreal, 
his poem without words; a gift that heals.
Listening, feeling, rights and wrongs, 
life's a book, now play your song.
Sometimes it feels like it's all crashing down, 
take a deep breath, I won't let you drown.
Live your destiny and promise me this, 
laugh, love, and dive, discover true bliss.
Look up at night skies, and inhale sunsets, 
play Riffs in E without regrets.
It won't last forever, in a blink you may miss.
Make it all count, make it a French kiss.
Set free the toxic, be strong and true, 
I've been there before, you must melt to renew.
Don't wait any longer, begin it tonight, 
Rough? Heck no. Perfection… just right. 

Pollinatin' Sensations

J'adore les abeilles
Everyone knows it's true.
Flying freely to and fro.
Fear us because our sting could kill.
Rarely held, but yet adored.
Endless night attraction.
Yet flowers and powers we bring. 
I'm not afraid either is she.
Scintillating in black and gold. 
Key is staying very still.
I know your afraid of us deep down inside.
Nothing to fear, not really.
Guided to you in the summer. 
Don't run away.
Only approach carefully.
Relax, we won't sting, contemplate relaxation.
Keys undiscovered will unlock these pollinatin' sensations. 

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Perfect Day

We had morning coffee, 
we had a morning walk, 
pictures on phones, 
and a daylong talk.
We gazed at rolling hills
and took long deep breathes.
We watched children fly kites
and looked forward to endless nights.
On this wonderful and magical day, 
we acted out parts, just like a play.
It was the, oh so, perfect day.
We walked distant trails and took in some wine.
I danced, you sang, we followed the signs.
You were funny, bold, tender, and kind.
So what was wrong with this perfect day? 

Alone again, you were only on my mind.